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API Keys

To access the ELEMENT API or Websocket, you need to supply a valid API key.

Where to get an API key

Every ELEMENT mandate can generate a certain amount of API keys. Please ask an administrator to generate a key and distribute it to you.

How to authenticate requests

To be able to successfully authenticate any request to the ELEMENT API, the API key needs to be sent in one of the following ways:

Authenticate via auth query parameter

If your API key were 46cb688e2c0b468e26e914235d4b73ea, adding it as a value to the auth= query parameter would successfully authenticate your request.

Responses for invalid requests

Non-authenticated request responses

A 401 Unauthorized error code will be returned if your API key is invalid.

Non-authorized request responses

A 403 Forbidden error code will be returned if your API key is valid, but you are not authorized to access that particular resource or execute that particular action.

Rate-limiting responses

If your requests are hitting our rate limits, a 429 Too Many Requests error code will be returned. Learn more about our Rate Limiting.