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A device is representing a real/logical thing that emits data in form of packets.


Field Type Description
name string The display name of the device
slug string Technical name of the device. Can be used to address it with the API
location GeoJSON Point Location of the device
static_location boolean Whether this devices location field is static, i.e. not updated by parsers
icon string Ligature name of a Material Design icon
inserted_at ISO8601 ISO 8601 String of the time the device was created
updated_at ISO8601 ISO 8601 String of the time the device was updated


Association Cardinality Foreign Entity Description Can access
mandate one Mandate The mandate this device is in
parser one Parser The parser that transforms this device's packets into readings
tags many Folder List of folders (tags) this device is in
fields virtual, one Fields Map Map of fields that are defined with profiles
profiles many Profile List of profiles this device has
profile_data many Profile Data Data that belongs to the fields defined in the profiles this device has
packets many Packets All packets that the device has received so far
readings many Reading All readings of the device
interfaces many Interface All the interfaces of the device