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Folders (formerly Tags)

Devices are organized in one or more folders.

Folders were previously called tags, as such, the data structure still calls them "tags".


Field Type Description
id uuid Unique ID of the folder
name string Display name of the folder See more...
description string Contains a description of the folder. Markdown is supported
color_hue integer Color Hue of the folder. 0-359
slug string Technical name of the folder
inserted_at ISO8601 ISO 8601 String of the time the folder was created
updated_at ISO8601 ISO 8601 String of the time the folder was updated


Association Cardinality Foreign Entity Description Can access
mandate one Mandate Mandate this folder is in
devices many Device Devices that have this folder


The name of a folder can contain slashes (/), which allows to create a tree-structure.

The name always contains the full path from the root folder to itself: Root / Subfolder / Child

In the ELEMENT IoT UI, this will lead to the following presentation in the device tree:

  • Root
  • Subfolder
    • Child

On creation and editing a folder, certain rules are enforced:

  • The parent folder must always exist
  • When renaming a folder that has children, all children will also be renamed so they keep the edited folder as their parent
  • A folder can only be deleted if it has no children