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Parsers are written in Elixir code but with a limited set of available modules and functions. This limitation is needed to ensure a stable operation of the platform.

In overall, all needed modules from the Elixir standard library are available which can be used for data access and transformation. System or operating related modules or sending messages is not available.

The following chapters document the currently available operators, keywords, functions and modules for writing parsers.

The main version of Elixir will be at least v1.13.

Available Operators

These operators are available for programming parsers:

  • + plus
  • - minus
  • * multiply
  • / divide
  • <<>> binary
  • <> concat
  • -> case option
  • <- comprehension
  • | list construction

Complete list of operators:

Available Keywords

These keywords are available for programming parsers:

  • def Function definition
  • defmodule Module definition

Available Function

These functions are available for programming parsers:

  • :binary.decode_unsigned
  • Logger.warn
  • Logger.error
  • Logger.debug

Available Modules

All functions from these modules are available for programming parsers:

Importable Modules

Some operators and functions can be imported if needed: